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Residential Lawn and Bedding Services


Residential Lawn and Bedding Services

Pepper & Co. will help you create the green, healthy-looking lawn you’ve always wanted. Pepper & Co. will develop a lawn care and maintenance program that addresses the conditions specific to each area of your landscape as well as your personal preferences. Pepper & Co. is available to help you turn your lawn into the envy of the neighborhood with program options that include organic lawn care with all-nutrient formulas, and customized lawn and maintenance programs with an integrated approach.

Our shrub and flower services include:

  • Planting (Your or our design)
  • Pruning of all shrubs
  • Planting and care of annuals and perennials
  • Watering and fertilization

We work with you to get the look that you like!

Since 1986 Pepper & Co. Landscapes has been giving customers the services that they wanted. Pepper & Co. Landscapes has a belief that the customer is right and we will do whatever they request us to do. Please contact us with any request pertaining to your landscape needs. Our services range from mowing to complete renovations, and anything in between. Please call or email us to discuss your landscape.

150 Saint Brides Rd., East Chesapeake, VA 23322 | Call: (757) 285-6087 or Email:

Pepper & Co. Landscaping is a Certified Class A Virginia Contractor


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