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Landscape preparation starts with a plan and ends with a profit.

No plants make a greater contribution to the enjoyment and value of a home than healthy trees and shrubs. Trees serve as the framework of the landscape, give a feeling of permanence, and influence the microclimate - from temperature modification to air purification. Shrubs help bring the tree canopy down, adding privacy and providing a backdrop for flowers and lawn. Well-chosen plant material can add 10-20 percent to a property's value--a worthwhile investment, indeed!
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We are a full service "class A contractor" serving Suffolk, Virginia, we design and install landscapes in Suffolk, we fertilize turf in Suffolk, we fertilize tree and shrub in Suffolk, we do full service grounds maintenance contracts in Suffolk, we do single service contracts in Suffolk, we do monthly service contracts in Suffolk, we trim shrubs in Suffolk, we spray using integrated pest management principle in Suffolk, we do a complete organic fertilizer programs in Suffolk, we install sprinkler systems in Suffolk, we install sprinkler heads in Suffolk, we repair sprinkler systems in Suffolk, we build retaining walls in Suffolk, we plant seasonal flowers in Suffolk, we renovate lawns in Suffolk, we overseed turf in Suffolk, we mow and cut grass in Suffolk, we lay sod in Suffolk, we install fall bulbs in Suffolk, we do residential contracts in Suffolk, we do commercial contracts in Suffolk, we remove small trees in Suffolk, we remove large trees in Suffolk, we grind stumps in Suffolk, we do complete landscape renovations in Suffolk, we plant shrubs in Suffolk, we plant flowers in Suffolk,we plant trees in Suffolk, in a nutshell we do everything from the exterior walls to the street!